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Good Girls Do Cam Too

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I’ve always liked to think of myself as an open-minded person that doesn’t pass judgment on others, but I’m only human and catch myself doing it from time to time. When I first heard about webcams, I automatically assumed that it was complete whores or strung out junkies trying to make an easy buck. I shared my narrow-minded opinion with a friend of mine one day and she was rightfully offended. She encouraged me to go to Cam BB and do a little research for myself and see what I thought afterward. 

Almost immediately I landed on sexchat with busty caylin. This is a girl that’s extremely intelligent, kind, and generous. She knows how to speak multiple languages and uses her spare time to take care of her ill mother. She also donates money that she earns from her cams to a local charity that helps with foster kids. I’m a person that can admit when they’re wrong and I most certainly was. Cam BB has performers from all different walks of life and they all have ridiculous sex drives.

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