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Let Your Freaky Side Pay Your Bills

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A few years ago I met this crazy hot chick. I say that because she was ridiculously gorgeous, but she was also possibly insane. Either way, she had a freaky side to her that I’d never experienced before, and I fell in lust quickly. She knew she was stunning and loved to flaunt it. Her body was her temple, and she showed it off frequently. I hadn’t ever had sex on camera before, and she was eager to introduce me to the idea.

When she saw this My Dirty Hobby discount for $10 in credits; she insisted we sign up right away. This is a site that consists of self-shot amateur porn, and it’s sexy as hell. They even give viewers the option to upload their own sexual escapades and the more times it gets viewed, the more money you make. This is a genius idea. My girlfriend and I never ended up sharing any of our intimate moments, but we frequented this site often to get inspiration for our play. This is a site that’s sure to satisfy.

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